YouTube Re-imagined

Future Brand Image

RMIT 2020 Bachelor of Design
(Communication Design)

User Interface Design
Future Thinking

For this brief we had to 'future proof' our chosen brand. Thinking ahead and into YouTube's technology based progression the next step would be a virtual or augmented reality platform. This concept is explored through the use of the current explored aspects of VR and 3D goggles; the shape and colors used to help demonstrate and visualise the idea.

VR animation of redesigned YouTube Logo

The initial concept behind this project was basing YouTubes rebranding as a company on a shift to a Virtual Reality platform. A blue and red filter would be used on either side of the VR headset to help differentiate the users (You) and the platform (Tube). Each side would allow tailoring to eithers preference, red being more personalized and focused on the users subscriptions or recommendations, while blue being more YouTube based and corporation driven.