Graphic Design Showcase


Screen & Print Design
Social Media Design
Content Pitching

This is a small showcase of my time spent working at the social media marketing agency.

My role as a Graphic Designer enabled me to take charge of the design for various social media accounts. I also had the chance to participate in multiple pitches for new accounts and tenders.


The time spent as a Graphic Designer in DSTNCT helped me explore more of being in a team of creatives while working with accounts servicing to create content for various social media accounts and pitches. I was tasked with ideation and execution of designs for NYC (National Youth Council), YCS (Youth Corps Singapore), AIA Group, NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). There were also a few pitches I was fortunate to be part of for clients such as WOG (Whole Of Government), Property Guru, and, Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

National Youth Council

The main social media account I was handling. Was part of the original pitch before NYC had adapted to propositions. There were four main content pillars that required varying designs and color combinations from a set palette.

Youth Corps Singapore

Helped out with multiple campaigns done for YCS. Assisted with design work for their '90rp In Life' and 'Do Good Fest' campaigns.

Do Good Fest live website.

Property Guru

Social media pitch + Deck design

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Social media pitch


Working with my creative colleagues on solving design problems was the highlight of my time at this agency. Having the chance to contribute insights and ideas during pitches was also something that had nudged me into the UX product design direction.